80 Series

The AMJ AU 80 series is a semi-commercial system designed to provide a simple and efficient solution for double-glazed windows. The system is specifically designed to offer a high level of functionality while keeping simplicity in mind, making it an ideal choice for both residential and light commercial buildings.

The double-glazed feature of the system provides superior insulation, which can help to reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort levels. Double glazing also helps to reduce noise transmission, making it an ideal choice for buildings located in busy or noisy areas.

In addition to its functional benefits, the AMJ AU 80 series is also designed with aesthetics in mind. The system features clean, modern lines that can complement a wide range of architectural styles and is available in a variety of finishes to match the design of the building.

Overall, the AMJ AU 80 series is a high-quality, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for those seeking to install double-glazed windows in their building.

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